We are a private One-on-One and small group personal training facility. We take pride in helping everyone reach their fitness goals.
We work with a wide range of fitness levels, from the teenager to the grandmother, from the weekend warrior to the athlete.
We offer a unique blend of exercises based on each individuals limitations and goals to produce a program that would be suitable for just about everyone. We use everything from your own body-weight to bands, stability balls, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, balance discs, ropes, steps, rings, tires, sledgehammers just to name a few to create a successful outcome and a fun program.
Do you know what it takes to change your body composition and lose weight?
Do you know what it takes to increase your flexibility?
Do you know what it takes to increase strength, speed, and power?
Do you know what it takes to excel in a sport?
Our mission is to educate individuals about the benefits of leading an active lifestyle with an emphasis on good food, exercise and stress management.